Asus T102HA Review: Best 2-in-1 detachable laptop of 2016

Asus T102HA Review (1)

Asus has been making the best detachable laptops that provide 2-in-1 functionality from quite sometime now and few days back, they churned out TransBook Mini T102HA laptop. Asus is positioning this laptop between a an entry level convertible and detachable laptops that come with entry-level Atom processors like Z3735F and Surface lineup from Microsoft that is quite expensive.

Microsoft Edge Windows 10 Mobile Adblock workaround: Windows 10 Mobile Adblocker

Microsoft Edge Adblock extension in Windows 10 Mobile may not see the day light anytime soon but we have an excellent working workaround that will enable adblocking-feature on your windows 10 mobile. This Windows 10 Mobile Adblocker hack makes use proxy auto-config file (PAC) file. You can use this feature on windows 10 mobile, windows phone (not tested but may work but this WP8.1 adblocker might work), iPhone and may be Android as well. All you need to do to enable adblock on windows 10 mobile is follow these steps and Microsoft Edge adblock feature will be enabled.

Windows 10 Mobile Adblock

Download Vulcan Journey Windows 10 Drivers

We have got hold of official Vulcan Journey windows 10 drivers. Vulcan Journey is a nice and cheap windows 10 tablet and retails for mere 49 dollars on Amazon.com. If in case you have accidentally deleted the recovery partition, you will have to install windows 10 yourself. After that, you will need drivers and we have direct links to the official driver set for Vulcan Journey.

Vulcan Journey drivers