Best Universal Apps for Windows Phone

A lot of new Windows Phone users must be looking for universal applications for the windows phone platform. So I thought of making a comprehensive list of some excellent Windows Phone universal apps. This list may include my personal favorites too.

best windows phone universal apps

Universal apps are those where you buy once and you get apps for both windows phone as well as windows desktop via Store. This not only brings similar functionality to both platforms but also saves money as user need not buy for both platforms to use that particular app.

Installing Windows Phone UI on Nokia X2

Like the original Nokia X phone, the Nokia X2 came pre loaded with Android and not windows phone. At Nokia Views, we are fan of the amazingly unique Windows Phone UI so we thought why not show how to install the WP UI on the Nokia X2 android phone. There is a ROM on XDA for that that gives you WP style UI, fonts, music player, contacts app, dialer and messaging app. This is how it looks like.

nokia x2 windows phone

List of Windows Phones with NFC built in

The windows phone range comes with great list of easy to use features and one of those is NFC whose full form is Near Field Communication. It has become a must have feature in all smartphones so what is it? Well NFC is a low power and secure wireless communication technology that operates in close proximity.

list of windows phones with nfc