Latest Nokia, Microsoft Lumia news and Windows Phone updates

Meo Portugal launched Nokia Lumia 830

Popular Portugal Meo has launched the new Nokia Lumia 830 for an off contract price of EUR 229.90. If you do not want to pay upfront, you can buy it for EUR 37.90 on contract where you would be paying EUR 8 for 24 months. Nokia Lumia 830 can be combined with one of the […]

Microsoft Lumia 435 on sale in UK

The new Microsoft Lumia 435 is now officially available in the UK. The single SIM variant can be bought from Amazon UK for a reasonable price with free home delivery. Microsoft Lumia 435 UK Price is just GBP 67. Microsoft Lumia 435 offers quite a lot for the price you are paying. You are getting […]

T-Mobile pushing Denim to Nokia Lumia 925

T-Mobile USA is now pushing the Denim update to the Nokia Lumia 925 windows phone. T-Mobile has updated its support page and says that the update brings just “stability improvements” which is wrong as it brings so much more.  Microsoft has also updated their update page telling users that the update is indeed live. The […]

Moto E 2015 and Microsoft Lumia 535 comparison

Lumia phones have a strong foothold in low-end phone category. The Nokia Lumia 520 sold like hotcakes in 2013 and 2014 and the new Microsoft Lumia 535 is enjoying great sales already. So how does it compare with the new Moto E 2015 model from Motorola. While we wait for a review unit of Moto […]

Softcard for windows phone to be removed, thanks to Google

Softcard has updated their FAQ page stating that Softcard application for windows phone will be removed from WP store in coming months. While a concrete date hasn’t been specified, it has been made clear that the app will definitely be removed from app store. However it shall be noted that they are deleting all Softcard […]

Turn off windows phone keys vibration under WP10

So you just updated to WP10 but cannot find a way to disable Windows keys vibration. Fortunately there is an easy to turn it off. Go to Settings > Extras > Touch. There you should see the option to turn it on or off. The Settings menu has undergone a massive makeover, allowing users to […]

T-Mobile signs deal with Nokia for improved LTE network performance

T-Mobile and Nokia Networks have signed deal for developing pre-standards LAA solution increased 4G LTE capacity and improved network performance. NSN (Nokia Services and Networks) will be demonstrating the capabilities of LAA using Nokia Flexi Zone technology. It is already being deployed by T-Mobile. Small cells are basically tiny radio base stations that can be […]

Download Nokia HERE from Amazon app store

If you are using a Nokia X device or an Android phone with Amazon app store, you can now download Nokia HERE for free, just like Google Play Store. The HERE Maps has already crossed 3 million downloads and people have loved its offline navigation feature which is great for those who cannot get a […]

Nokia Lumia 635 1GB RAM variant spotted on Microsoft servers

The Nokia Lumia 635 is one of the most popular Lumia handsets ever made. People love it for its excellent build quality, good performance, reliability and battery life. However some criticized this budget windows phone for having mere 512MB RAM. Today an updated Nokia Lumia 635 with 1GB RAM was spotted on the Microsoft servers. […]

Microsoft Lumia 640 is a windows phone with digital TV built in

The Microsoft Lumia 640 is the latest windows phone handset which is apparently exclusively available in Brazil. While the Microsoft Lumia 640 has still not been made official, the phone was spotted in Anatel’s documents which suggest that the phone packs dual SIM and digital TV a k a DTV capabilities. The Microsoft Lumia 640 […]