Download Lara Croft Go for Windows Phone

Lara Croft Go for windows phone has been launched and it is amazing. The game was shown off at the E3 where many thought it was similar to the Hitman Go magic but with a Tomb Raider-y flavor. Download Lara Croft Go for Windows Phone for the link given at the bottom of this post.

Download Lara Croft Go for Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 530, Karbonn Wind W4 and Windows 10 Mobile

There are lot of rumors brewing online if the windows phones with 4GB storage will get Windows 10 mobile upgrade. This includes popular devices like Nokia Lumia 530 and Karbonn Titanium Wind W4 that have been quite popular in developing countries. So will they be getting upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile?

Nokia Lumia 530 update

They answer is no. While they can fit the OS on a 4GB device, they will need to force users to install ALL apps on the SD card which would result in degradation in performance for some apps. Also, there are some apps that just would not install on the external storage which explains why Microsoft would not be pushing the OS upgrade to these low end and cheap windows phones.

Windows 10 Mobile: Keyboard Missing for Android Apps

In the latest build, myriad users are complaining about the keyboard missing problem for android applications in Windows 10 Mobile 10512. Thanks to XDA, there is a solution for that. To use it, you need to have ADB installed on your computer. If you are not interested in downloading the entire android SDK just for ADB, you can grab 15 second ADB installer and APK file from bottom of this post. Now type in these commands in command prompt from ADB folder.

Windows 10 Mobile Keyboard Missing for Android Apps

Nokia Lumia 830 Price Dropped at UK Microsoft Store

The affordable flagship, Nokia Lumia 830 has received a massive price drop at the Microsoft Store UK. It used to be sold for GBP 269 and with the 50 pound price cut, you can bag one for GBP 219. You are getting an unlocked device that does not only looks good but performs like a champ.

Nokia Lumia 830 Price Dropped at UK Microsoft Store