AT&T To Seed Amber on Lumia 920 Soon

Nokia has pushed Amber update to all of its Lumia windows phones, but AT&T, which is the touted as main Windows Phone network provider in US is still testing it. One reddit user contacted Microsoft Store’s employee and he was told that AT&T will be seeding it the GDR2, a k a Amber update in less than two weeks. He mentioned August 26 in his post.

att lumia 920 amber release date

If you cannot wait, you can download and install it now on your AT&T Lumia 920. However, we encourage to wait for another 10 days as the aforementioned unofficial way erases all data on your phone. Going the official way also would not void the warranty. via reddit

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  • daniel

    i don’t believe that one bit. if at&t was going to seeding to amber update to nokia lumia 920 on august 26 then it would be saying coming soon on the nokia site instead its still saying waiting for approval for nokia lumia 920 from at&t

    • Vic Butano

      And, to date, (Aug 27th), they still haven’t. Boo AT&T.

      • Fellipe Ribeiro Silva Abib

        I guess he made a mistake..
        He was suppost say Sep 26th

    • http://mytechpartner.com/ Admin

      Or you can install it the official way :)

  • tds77

    Sept 29 and still no update, I wish Nokia would chose another carrier for their phones AT&T will not even tell us why they are holding up the update….

  • Girac

    Anyone install the update by themselves? I am thinking about giving that a go at it myself.