Download Nokia Lumia 920, 820 Amber ROM

Nokia is showing a lot of laziness in release substantial updates, but folks at windowsmania have released Amber (GDR2) firmware. In fact, we also have the instructions on flashing these stock ROMs. However, keep in mind this is like installting fresh ROM on your Nokia Lumia 920 / 820, which means it will wipe all of your data.

Download Nokia Lumia 920, 820 Amber ROM

So, you should make a backup of anything and everything you have on your windows phone before you hit the flash button. Find the download instructions at these links. For 920 [link]; for 820 [link]. You can flash the ROM, irrespective of color of your Lumia.

Update – We now know how to flash it. Download the files from aforementioned links and follow these instructions.

1. Download and install latest version of Nokia Care suit.
2. Download the driver from here – http://d-h.st/Mc3
3. Put the downloaded files in this folder – C:\Program Data\Nokia\Packages\Products\rm-821. Create any folder, if it is not there.
4. Go to File > Open Product and select RM-821

Download Amber ROMs for the Lumia 920, 820

5. Select Product Support Tool as shown above.
6. From Programming menu, select “Recovery” and flash your firmware from there.

That is it. You now have Amber firmware on Lumia 920 and 820.

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  • Dani

    Links don’t work,

    • http://mytechpartner.com/ Admin

      Their site is down as everybody as their site could not handle the traffic! :(

      • gustavo

        what product code do you use

      • gustavo

        can i flash rom from rm-821 to rm-820 ?

  • http://www.techmesto.com/ singhnsk

    Any links for the latest Care Suite? :D

  • Bones

    Now links works good ;)

  • riki

    for 620/720 is out

  • DD

    Anyone actually figure out how to download the files? Everything is in polish and i can’t see any actual download link :(

  • matan

    anyone who already updated, please tell me if you can, is there are the HEBREW and English display languages? thsnks

  • rohit

    how can we download firmware there is no link.
    It says than post which we cant as we are not register…
    we cannot register because it has silly captcha question what is 6th day of week which is niether friday or saturday…

    • Filip

      The answer I believe is sobota. It’s Saturday in polish. if that doesn’t work google translate it.

    • http://mytechpartner.com/ Admin

      Just use chrome browser on your compute which auto translates. Just register on their site and download.

  • Hong Dezheng

    All hosts that contain Nokia Care Suite 5.0 2013 version is down and softpedia’s doesn’t work.

  • shreyas s

    those files are for 920?

  • Khai

    3. Put the downloaded files in this folder – C:Program
    DataNokiaPackagesProductsrm-821. Create any folder, if it is not

    4. Go to File > Open Product and select RM-821

    Why I dont have all this in my folder ?

  • lubba

    gerrrr! Harder than I thought! Not the process but getting the latest Nokia Care Suite.

  • lubba

    just a bunch of bullshiit! Did everythong and nothing seems straight forward.

  • kugo1968

    Can somebody help me with updating my Nokia Lumia 820 RM-825 059R034?

  • medo411

    look my lumia 920 is mea region if i download the uk will my phone turn to locked and i cant use my SIM please answer

    • http://mytechpartner.com/ Admin

      I would just suggest you to wait for a few days. Nokia is pushing it via OTA.

  • sina

    I had flashed GDR2 on my phone. Will I have to flash GDR3 in the same manner, or I will get it through phone update?

  • Purana Paapi Deep

    sir i want to upadte my nokia lumia 820 bt where i live .in nokia care there is no update available for this