Nokia World 2010 is coming

Nokia World 2010 is held September 14-15 in London. Last year, in Stuttgart, many devices were announced: X3, X6, N97 Mini, N900… And Nokia Booklet 3G was a definitive surprise just a week before the conference.

What is it going to be this year? Maybe new members to the Symbian^3 family and a Meego device? New services or announcements of co-operation with new companies? I believe that you will be able to watch the keynotes online like last year. It depends on your time zone though if you want to follow them in real time: for the people in the USA the keynotes start after midnight.

HTC is holding a press event in London 15th and it is rumored that so is Samsung. Can their events be more important than Nokia’s conference? If it is going to be just more Android phones they are announcing, Nokia’s event may still be more interesting. Makes it difficult for press though to cover it all.